Paweł Zawadzki
Experienced chief executive and creative content producer with more than 15 years in the worldwide TV and digital media industry. Sharp in digital marketing and business development. Strong sales and client service skills learned from the international private banking sector. Podcast host, public speaker, innovative thinker.
Hard Skills make you hired.
Soft skills get you promoted.
"Want a Promotion? Focus on Developing Your Soft Skills"
"Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: Why Employers Value Both"
"Why Soft Skills are Essential for Career Advancement"
"From Hired to Promoted: Soft Skills That Take You to the Next Level"
"The Importance of Balancing Hard and Soft Skills in the Workplace"
"High-Ticket Writing Masterclass"
Unlock the power of communication with our experienced team. From idea to execution, we're with you every step of the way. The way of success.
Rafał Kątny
For several years associated with Polskie Radio S.A., co-founder of youth formats for the radio. Expert in execution of program plans, creation & implementation of promotional activities of an educational nature. Producer of digital media projects, including film projects, podcast and creative campaigns in the "Większe Logo" agency. As part of the original project GDYNIA MORZE PL, he creates an innovative, emotional guide to Gdynia: "#GDY - 100 uczuć".
Art of asking the right questions.
"Creating engaging communication"
"See the invisible."
"Shorter is better - how to compress in modern era"
"Easy or Complex - what is better?"
"Words That Works"
Adam Rudzki
For ten years, he has been creating advertising communications for global and local brands in all channels of communication with an emphasis on ATL and Digital marketing. He has a strong digital background in conceptualization and design. As of now, he is strongly focused on creating integrated communications.
How to lead the successful creative team?
"Building and expanding an internal creative & marketing team"
"Mentoring for creative & marketing departments"
"Effective goal settings for modern era creative teams"
"Strategic thinking in creative process"
"Becoming a leader - great feedback for diverse team of creatives"